Vibrators, dildos, paddles, whatever you can imagine. Mike Blacksmith makes sex toys for Tantus Inc. We talk the secrets of sex toy design, the best sex toys for you and customer requests. Then, we countdown a very attracting Top 5.

Mike Blacksmith: 01:47

Pointless: 29:12

Top 5: 45:18

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Growing up Coty Saucier dreamed of driving a monster truck. Now, he races them while backflipping over 60 foot jumps. We talk monster trucks, racing and more. Then, a special vehicular Top 5.

Coty Saucier: 01:32

Pointless: 28:16

Top 5: 41:28

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We look different but we are very much the same. Dr. Caitlin O'Connell  has been researching elephants for nearly 30 years. We talk elephant behavior, animal rituals and the battle between elephants and rhinos. Then, we countdown a special scary Top 5.

Dr. Caitlin O'Connell: 01:31

Pointless: 27:56

Top 5: 40:48

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Stressed? Anxious? Depressed? Your inner voice can guide you through the darkest times. You just have to be able to hear it. Meditation Teacher Lodro Rinzler can help you find your inner self. We talk meditation techniques, the benefits of meditation and calming your mind. Then, we countdown the Top 5 Pieces of Playground Equipment.

Lodro Rinzler: 01:47

Pointless: 30:05

Top 5: 46:29

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Gary Arndt is a three-time Travel Photographer of the Year. He's visited over 200 countries, traveled non-stop for a decade and gone nowhere in the last year. We talk the future of travel, the rise of digital nomads and the best travel photography. Then, we countdown the Top 5 Popular Things We Have No Interest In.

Gary Arndt: 01:43

Pointless: 32:50

Top 5: 49:58

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Is your mind constantly adrift, always thinking about what you have to do instead of what you're doing. Mindfulness Teacher Laura Saltman can help you focus. We talk mindfulness benefits, focusing on the moment and self-care. Then, we countdown the Top 5 Kinds of Restaurants. 

Laura Saltman: 01:22

Pointless: 24:38

Top 5: 42:37

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March 17, 2021

Neuroscientist Dani Beck

Your body is one age but your brain could be much older. Neuroscientist Dani Beck studies how our lifestyle choices may be rapidly ageing our brains. We talk brain age gaps, mental illness and if you really can get smarter. Then, a special bouncy Top 5.

Dani Beck: 01:22

Pointless: 25:17

Top 5: 39:13

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From Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez, to Sharon Stone and Elton John, Wendy Iles is a hair stylist to the stars. We talk hair secrets, working with celebrities, building a company and finding the courage to chase your dreams. Then, we countdown the Top 5 Farm Animals.

Wendy Iles: 01:50

Pointless: 21:43

Top 5: 39:05

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Dr. Samantha Montano studies disasters. And from Covid-19 and Climate Change, to hurricanes and wildfires, we've been having a lot of disasters. We talk pandemic preparedness, looming threats and disaster movies. Then, we countdown the Top 5 Most Important Things in Your Bathroom.

Dr. Montano: 01:58

Pointless: 33:54

Top 5: 46:47

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February 24, 2021

Fetish Wrestler Miss Scorpion

She'll pin you down, rub her feet on your face, put you in a chokehold and you'll pay her to do it. Miss Scorpion joins us as we explore the world of Session Wrestling. We talk wrestling holds, sexual freedom and Peter Pan requests. Then, we countdown the Top 5 Kinds of Nuts.

Miss Scorpion: 01:11

Pointless: 36:08

Top 5 Nuts: 50:32

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