September 30, 2020

Kinesiologist Dr. Joel Seedman

What works.  And what are we really capable of. Those two questions are at the heart of this conversation with Kinesiologist Dr. Joel Seedman. In an in-depth interview, we talk training and nutrition secrets, optimizing your performance and the latest research on the human body. Then, we countdown the Top 5 Things Kids These Days Wouldn't Understand. And remember, leave a review for a chance to win a free t-shirt.
Dr. Joel Seedman: 02:16
John Shull: 35:41
Top 5: 52:18

With the Presidential election fast approaching, tension are rising everywhere. But when do those tension spill over into violence? Political Violence and Terrorism Researcher Chelsea Daymon joins us. We talk domestic extremists, religious terrorists and the internet's role in all of it. Then, we countdown the Top 5 Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. 

Chelsea Daymon: 02:18

John Shull: 28:48

Top 5 Arnold Movies: 43:12

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September 16, 2020

Backup Singer Sara Mann

From touring with Miley Cyrus and performing with Willie Nelson, to singing in Rogue One and Frozen 2, Sara Mann is the renowned voice behind some of your favorite entertainment. We talk the life of a backup singer, touring with pop stars and singing in movies. Then, we unveil a criminally good Top 5.

Sara Mann: 01:36

John Shull: 33:08

Top 5: 43:05

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September 9, 2020

Paleontologist Ashley Hall

They've lain untouched for more than 70 million years. Now, Paleontologist Ashley Hall is putting some of the largest animals Earth has ever seen back together. We talk dinosaur discoveries, reassembling fossils and the most underrated dinosaurs. Then, we countdown the Top 5 Worst Flavors of Ice Cream.

Ashley Hall: 01:45

John Shull: 37:00

Top 5 Worst Kinds of Ice Cream: 49:28

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Ashley Hall Website

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Fossils for Kids Book


Your eyes can't see them, but they're on you, inside of you and impact everything from your health to the food your eat. Microbiologist Dr. Susanna L. Harris takes us inside the microbial world in this episode. We talk microbes and your health, probiotics, bacteria modified plants and fabulous fungi. Then, we countdown the Top 5 Things We Don't Understand Why Other People Like.
Dr. Susanna L. Harris: 02:44
John Shull: 43:56
Top 5: 01:02:03
August 26, 2020

Ultra Runner Ian Morgan

His body aches, his toe nails are falling off and he's hallucinating from a lack of sleep, but Ultra Runner Ian Morgan couldn't be happier. We talk 150 mile runs, training and nutrition secrets and the hardest run in the world. Then, we countdown the Top 5 Life Accomplishments.

Ian Morgan: 02:05

John Shull: 28:00

Top 5 Life Accomplishments: 39:37

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What's the secret to a great night's sleep, why don't we die in dreams, what are phones doing to our brains? Sleep Psychologist Dr. Jade Wu answers your biggest sleep questions in this episode. We talk the secret to sleeping soundly, how much sleep you really need, sleep disorders, circadian rhythms and more. Then, we countdown the Top 5 Things You Should Never Get Rid Of.

Dr. Jade Wu: 02:18

John Shull: 39:44

Top 5: 58:55

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Like a headhunter for the heart, Elite Matchmaker Michelle Apples helps people find love. We talk the key to finding the perfect match, dating advice, the best/worst dating apps and what men and women are really looking for in someone. Then, we countdown the Top 5 Kinds of Soup.

Michelle Apples: 01:28

John Shull: 27:02

Top 5 Soups: 46:00

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With four major championships and nearly 30 PBA titles between them, Bill O'Neill and Sean Rash are two of the best bowlers in the world. We talk life on the PBA tour, bowling techniques, the best bowling alleys and the secret to trash-talking on the lanes. Then, we countdown the Top 5 Life Decisions that Always Come Back to Bite You.


Bill O'Neill and Sean Rash: 02:17


John Shull: 35:03


Top 5: 51:47


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From wild nights with Werewolves to steamy scenes with multiple people, bestselling Romance and Erotic Fiction Author Anna Lores writes the secret fantasies her readers' crave. We talk sensual escapes, paranormal fantasies and Fabio. Then, a special attractive Top 5.

Anna Lores: 01:56
John Shull: 29:25
Top 5: 42:04

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