What started as a struggle with depression has turned into a massive online community. Taylor Glenn of Taylor Tries joins us. We explore the life of a professional juggler and how trying something new helped her get out of bed. Then, John Shull gets suckered into a new car. And we countdown the Top 5 Times of the Day. 

Taylor Glenn: 01:45

John Shull: 32:37

Top 5 Times of the Day: 42:11

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Death investigations. Unusual autopsies. Medical mysteries. Forensic pathologist Dr. Judy Melinek takes us inside the life of a medical examiner. We talk crime scene investigations, working in the morgue after 9/11 and her new book, First Cut. Then, John Shull settles the Pizza Rolls vs. Hot Pockets debate. And we count down the Top 5 Ways We Don't Want to Die.

Dr. Judy Melinek: 2:14

John Shull: 39:03

Top 5: 51:06

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It's a new decade and we are looking into the future. Futurists Ryan O'Shea and Brian David Johnson join us. We talk biotechnology, robots taking over the world and the new technology that could change society. Then, John Shull does partner yoga. And we countdown the Top 5 Failed New Year's Resolutions. 

Futurists Ryan O'Shea and Brian David Johnson: 01:35

John Shull: 22:40

Top 5 Failed Resolutions: 35.36

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We're doing something special for the holidays in this episode of Profoundly Pointless. The best presents, ignoring your family and the Top 5 Things of 2019.

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Batman. Wonder Woman. Martian Manhunter. Steve Orlando is the creative force behind some of comic’s most beloved characters. In an in-depth interview, we explore what it takes to be a comic book writer, the secret to good storytelling and what’s next for Wonder Woman. Then, John Shull considers getting a male tramp stamp. And we discuss the Top 5 Comic Book Villains.

Steve Orlando: 01:55

John Shull: 46:51

Top 5 Villains: 01:02:05

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December 11, 2019

Cosmologist Sophia Gad-Nasr

We're exploring the secrets of the Universe in this episode. Cosmologist and Astroparticle Physicist Sophia Gad-Nasr joins us. We talk how the Universe began, why there could be more than one of you and the latest on the search for dark matter. Then, John Shull discovers Pluto isn't a star. And we debate the Top 5 Planets.

Sophia Gad-Nasr: 01:53

John Shull: 31:18

Top 5 Planets: 47:47

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December 4, 2019

Ballerina Petra Conti

On stage it's beauty and grace, behind the scenes it's endless hard work and physical pain. In this episode we explore the life of a professional ballerina. Principal Dancer Petra Conti joins us. We talk growing up in the ballet, the joys of performance and dancing her last dance. Then, John Shull ruins Thanksgiving. And we discuss the Top 5 Dance Songs.

Petra Conti: 02:13

John Shull: 31:28

Top 5: 45:01

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We’re exploring a unique side of the sex industry in this episode. Professional Submissive / Switch Kristyna Dark joins us. We talk private submissive sessions, sensual tickling and death fantasies. Then, John Shull gets confused about how Pop Tarts work. And we discuss the Top 5 Foods That Are Better Cold.

Kristyna Dark: 01: 42

John Shull: 26:42

Top 5: 40:23

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November 20, 2019

Wine Expert Sarah Tracey

There’s Sommeliers. And then there’s SommelYays! Sarah Tracey has spent the last decade traveling the world on a quest for the best wine. We talk building your pallet, finding the best value and why wine is a box is coming back. Then, John Shull travels forward in time. And we breakdown the Top 5 Things You Don’t Want to Tell Your Parents. 

Sarah Tracey: 01:36

John Shull: 37:52

Top 5: 49:40

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November 13, 2019

Titou the Magician

How did you do that? Every day he gets asked that question and now he's here to share. Professional Magician Titou joins us. We talk magical secrets, the shady world of stealing tricks and his work on Masters of Illusion. Then, John Shull gets weird with one of his neighbors. And we discuss the Top 5 Kinds of Hard Liquor.

Titou: 01:41

John Shull: 21:16

Top 5 Liquors: 41:52

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