They're the most dangerous weapons on Earth. And with tensions rising, one push of a button could change the world. Hans Kristensen, the Director of The Nuclear Information Project, joins us. We talk nuclear stockpiles, what could send missiles flying and accidents that almost led to annihilation. Then, John Shull learns about what ghosts eat. And we discuss the Top 5 Halloween Movies of All Time.

Hans Kristensen: 02:35

John Shull: 37:00 

Top 5 Halloween Movies: 51:35

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Federation of American Scientists

He's traveled the world on a quest for the best ghost stories. Author and Ghost Hunter Jeff Belanger joins us. We talk the world's scariest places, the stories behind some famous ghosts and his work on the Ghost Adventures TV show. Then, John Shull defends his newfound soccer snobbery. And we discuss the Top 5 Fictional Ghosts.

Jeff Belanger: 01:47

John Shull: 42:06

Top 5 Fictional Ghosts: 57:01

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If you're a video game fan you know his voice. eSports Commentator James Chen joins us for this episode of Profoundly Pointless. We talk the future of fighting games, finding the courage to pursue your passion and the best video games and video game characters of all time. Then, John Shull explains the hazards of forearm sweat. And we discuss the Top 5 Days of the Week. 

James Chen: 02:28

John Shull: 43:32

Top 5: 01:00:44

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With beauty secrets and dinosaur discoveries we've got something for everyone in this episode. Celebrity Makeup Artist Misti Taylor joins us. We talk working in Hollywood, makeup tips and the secrets that can't leave set. Dinosaur Hunter Levi Shinkle is back with something special. The new dinosaur that could help unlock the secret of flight. Finally, John Shull explains why he stopped going to the doctor. And we discuss the Top 5 Things You Hate to Do but Still Have To.

Misti Taylor: 2:00

Levi Shinkle: 26:49

John Shull: 32:18

Top 5: 50:37

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When bad things happen, she helps people not die. Disaster Researcher Mika McKinnon joins us for this episode. We talk the hidden dangers of big disasters, her work with the SETI Institute, helping Hollywood stay realistic and the simple things you can do to stay safe in an emergency. Then, John Shull wastes his time researching tomatoes. And we discuss the Top 5 Cereals. 

He's one of the fittest people on Earth. And he's on a quest to be THE fittest. Professional CrossFit Athlete Patrick Vellner joins us. We talk training techniques, nutritional advice, finding the motivation to really push yourself and the best time to take your shirt off. Then, John Shull explains why he keeps his shirt tucked in. And we look at the Top 5 NFL Mascots.

Patrick Vellner: 01:47

John Shull: 36:21

Top 5 NFL Mascots: 57:24

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Ultimate Hawaiin Trail Run

It's the technology of the future. But is that a good thing? Artificial Intelligence researcher Melanie Mitchell joins us. We talk the next big AI breakthrough, if we should trust computers and what some companies and government agencies are doing with AI that could be a big concern. Then, John Shull explores the complexity of a beaver dam. And we discuss the Top 5 Animals We'd Like to be Turned Into

Melanie Mitchell: 02:21

John Shull: 30:02

Top 5 Animal Transformations: 51:28

He always dreamed of being a pilot. But when the Twin Towers fell, he knew he had to do more. Major John "Rain" Waters joins us in this episode of Profoundly Pointless. What flying an F-16 is really like, what he learned in 53 combat missions and what's really behind those cool sounding call signs. Then, John Shull unveils the best way to shop for pants. And we discuss the Top 5 Things You Shouldn't Say in a Text.

Major John Waters: 01:55

John Shull: 37:10

Top 5 Inappropriate Texts: 58:01


August 21, 2019

Sex Coach Sara Tang

From Tantric to BDSM and more, she spent years learning from sex educators all over the world. Now Sara Tang is here to help improve your sex life. The best positions, how to please your partner and the sex organ most people overlook. Then, John Shull learns about back alley dice games. And we discuss the Top 5 Movie Franchises.

Sara Tang: 02:26

John Shull: 42:39

Top 5 Movie Franchises: 01:03:30

One minute you're sitting in a city council meeting, the next you're trending nationwide. Alex Kack, aka the #GreenShirtGuy, joins us. We talk about viral fame, the making of a meme and where he goes from here. Then, John Shull unveils his new Ivan Drago inspired rap song. And we discuss the Top 5 Colors.

Alex Kack #GreenShirtGuy: 03:26

John Shull: 22:39

Top 5 Colors: 44:25

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