Take a breath. Relax. Clear your mind and focus on the moment. Renowned Yoga Teacher Karla Tafra is here to help rejuvenate your mind and body. We talk yoga techniques, the secret to proper breathing and the best way to listen to your body. Then, John Shull strings together an impressive array of coherent thoughts. And we countdown the Top 5 Things Worth Waiting in Line For. Please leave a review if you like the show.

Karla Tafra: 02:02

John Shull: 30:14

Top 5: 45:26

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From the Black Death and Cholera, to Influenza and the Coronavirus, throughout history pandemics have killed millions. Pandemic Historian Dr. Graham Mooney joins us to explain what happened, why it happened and what we can learn. Then, John Shull learns a difficult lesson about the human body. And we unveil a new Top 5.

Dr. Graham Mooney: 02:03

John Shull: 30:35

Top 5: 43:58

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From diving with Great White Sharks in Africa, to crawling through the canyons of Zion National Park, we're exploring the world in this episode of Profoundly Pointless. Adventure Travel Expert Justin Walter joins us. We talk the travel destinations you have to see, popular places you should skip and finding the courage to take that first step out the door. Then, John Shull takes on the Coronavirus. And we countdown the Top 5 Things to do if you're Quarantined. Please leave a review if you like the show.

Justin Walter: 01:33 

John Shull: 33:00

Top 5: 43:09

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Around the World with Justin

Magic Mushrooms, Marijuana, Ecstasy, Ayahuasca and DMT. We're going on a psychedelic journey in this episode. Psychedelic Drug Researcher Dr. Michele Ross joins us. We talk psychedelic medicine, what happens to your brain and the push for legalization. Then, John Shull ruins an opportunity. And we countdown the Top 5 Socially Acceptable Drugs. Please leave a review if you like the show.

Dr. Michele Ross: 02:11 

John Shull: 36:34

Top 5: 47:58

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February 26, 2020

Hypnotherapist Chanee Rhee

We're exploring the subconscious mind in this episode of Profoundly Pointless. Hypnotherapist Chanee Rhee joins us. We talk hypnosis, childhood memories and knowing yourself. Then, John Shull traumatizes everyone around him. And we countdown the Top 5 Things You'd Want on a Deserted Island. Please leave a review if you like the show

Chanee Rhee: 02:25

John Shull: 30:11

Deserted Island: 41:27

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From 90 mph sprints across open desert, to flying over 80 foot jumps, Champion Dirt Bike Racer Taylor Heiman has done it all, and won. We talk off-road racing, Motorcross and inspiring others to ride. Then, John Shull tries to get people to care about his bad day. And we countdown the Top 5 Things You Notice About People.

Taylor Heiman: 01:28

John Shull: 30:28

Top 5: 39:04

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February 12, 2020

Tattoo Artist Steve Butcher

His tattoos are so realistic, they almost look like they can't be real. Renowned Tattoo Artist Steve Butcher joins us. We talk tattoo techniques, inking NBA players and how Kobe Bryant inspired him to chase his dreams. Then, John Shull spends Valentine's day getting rejected. And we countdown the Top 5 Worst Places to Get Nature's Call.

Steve Butcher: 01:56

John Shull: 26:23

Top 5 Worst Bathrooms: 41:36

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As an Epidemiologist, Dr. Steffanie Strathdee studies the world's deadliest diseases. From the Wuhan Coronavirus and HIV, to Measles and Supebugs, we talk the microscopic dangers that could impact us all. Plus, the forgotten treatment that saved her husband's life. Then John Shull eavesdrops on people's conversations. And we countdown the Top 5 Breakfast Foods.

Dr. Strathdee: 01:22

John Shull: 30:38

Top Breakfast Foods: 44:44

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Awe-inspiring jumps and epic crashes, this is the life of World-renowned Freerunner and Actor Dominic Di Tommaso. We talk freerunning techniques, avoiding injuries and the greatness of Michael Buble. Then, John Shull does something no adult should. And we countdown the Top 5 Worst Kinds of Facial Hair.

Dominic Di Tommaso:01:42

John Shull: 37:56

Worst Facial Hair: 52:30

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With the Super Bowl fast approaching we're taking a look at the gambling odds. Las Vegas Sports Handicapper Dave Cokin joins us. We talk the life of a professional gambler, the future of sports betting and the the best way to beat the odds. Then, John Shull gets carried away on social media. And we countdown the Top 5 Things We Like But Are Embarrassed to Admit. Please leave a review if you like the show.

Dave Cokin: 02:05

John Shull: 30:14

Top 5: Embarrassing Things We Like: 41:56

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